Are you considering remortgaging your home?

There are plenty of reasons to do so, and many home owners across the UK save money by remortgaging – in fact many property mortgages in the UK are actually remortgages. But it’s a big decision to make and is something that requires careful planning and forethought – something the William Gleave team is happy to assist you with. If you are planning on remortgaging your home in Flintshire, Denbighshire or Conwy, we are the team of local property experts you need. We live and work locally and have plenty of experience helping local clients find beneficial remortgaging agreements – and we are perfectly positioned to help you find yours.


How do I remortgage my property?

Finding the right remortgage agreement means taking the same steps you did for your current mortgage. You will need to work alongside a bank, specialist mortgage lender, building society or other broker to look at a range of mortgages at different rates, alowing you to find the best deals that work for you.

Navigating the world of mortgages can be confusing and overwhelming, and it’s not always clear just which terms and arrangements will work best for you. This is why we also recommend that you work with an experienced and dedicated mortgage advisor when looking at remortgage arrangements. This is something we have a great deal of experience in here at William Gleave.

We have access to a range of lenders and will work alongside you to better understand your needs and requirements – allowing us to more accurately search for a remortgage solution that works for you.


Can a remortgage reduce my property costs?

If you are looking at potentially remortgaging your home, then it is most likely because you are coming to the end of your ‘introductory period’. Getting your hands on your own home is incredibly exciting, but signing up to a new mortgage agreement always means signing to what is known as an initial rate. This beneficial rate is lower, which means that if your finances have been organised around it and the period is coming to an end, you may be considering remortgaging so that you can once again bring property costs down by once again enjoying an introductory period.

The higher mortgage repayments keep in after your initial rate ends. Remortgaging can be a way of preventing this from happening, leading many UK homeowners to remortgage and enjoy the beneficial introductory period for longer, keeping property costs down.


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