Meet the Team


Your team of local property experts

All too often, people have stressful experiences when dealing with the property market, and with estate agents that can overcomplicate their processes. Not only that, but many can fail to deliver tailored and personable services which can be
highly problematic. Not only does it leave customers stressed, overwhelmed and confused, but this can also lead to an unenjoyable experience where your goals and needs fail to be the focal point of the services you are receiving.

However, here at William Gleave, we believe that delivering services with a personal touch is what leads to success, not just for us as a business, but for our clients too. After all, buying and selling property is an important chapter in life, and one which requires specialist support and guidance. When it comes to meeting your property goals in the most stress-free and enjoyable way, receiving a personal service directly for your needs is key. Whilst we enjoy getting to know you and your goals, we believe it’s only right that you get to know the team here at William Gleave too – after all, you have the right to know who you’ll be working with on possibly one of the biggest decisions of your life. We pride ourselves on a professional yet friendly and approachable experience for all customers, and getting to know each other is essential for this.

We are dedicated to providing the very best services at William Gleave, and to do that, we need, and have, the best talent in the property industry. They stand by our values and offer every service with our mission in mind, giving you an unrivaled experience. Each of us at William Gleave have a passion for what we do and for delivering enjoyable and straightforward experiences, keeping stress to an absolute minimum. We pride ourselves on being an open and honest team, with transparency and honesty an integral part of how we deliver our services.

Our wealth of combined experience in the industry works entirely to your advantage, as it has equipped us with the skills and the expertise to help every customer reach their property goals, whatever they may be. We reassure and help first time buyers to navigate the exciting chapter of buying a house and find their dream homes. We help tenants find properties to rent and understand the processes and paperwork that come with renting. We know exactly how to add value to the portfolios of experienced landlords.

Better still, what makes our team so special is that they have all worked and lived in the local area around our office and this local knowledge, coupled with their property expertise, makes them the best team to help you buy and sell property in Buckley, Flintshire and the surrounding area of the North East of Wales. As a team, we know these areas like the back of our hands and can therefore offer friendly, specific advice and guidance when it comes to buying and selling property in these areas. This understanding of the local area is just another way in which our services are always tailored and personal to you and your needs.

Now it’s your turn to get to know us. Visit the sections below to find out more about each of our team members.

Jordan Halstead
Tom Allen
Managing Director
Jill Littler
Office Manager, Buckley
Phoebe Allen
Valuer & Negotiator, Buckley
Alex Cardno
Branch Manager, Llandudno
Debbie Prince
Sales Negotiator, Llandudno
Debbie Carnell
Sales Negotiator, Llandudno
Rachel Pamment
Property Manager, Rhyl
Donna Ward
Property Manager, Rhyl
Ciara Mullins
Lettings Negotiator, Rhyl