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If you are worried about property valuation during the pandemic and while restrictions are in place, we understand. While we are still performing socially-distanced and COVID-safe valuations here at William Gleave, we know that you might want to explore other options. If you would prefer to leave your details, one of our team will call you back to discuss alternatives.


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If you are selling your home, then the first thing you want to know is exactly how much your home is worth in the property market. Your property valuation informs every decision you make moving forwards, allowing you to work out your affordability and calculate your budget for moving.

Having a property valuation is a straightforward but incredibly important part of selling your home and moving house. If you don’t have a fair and accurate property valuation performed at the start of the process, then you could be marketing your home for too little – or pricing it too high and setting yourself back.

In simple terms, a property valuation allows you to get an accurate estimate of your home’s worth from either an estate agent or an independent valuer. The property’s valuation is based on factors such as location, size and condition and allows you to begin planning the rest of your house move.



      Why are property valuations so important?

      A property valuation helps you to determine the worth of your property based on a fair price, allowing you to begin planning the house selling process much more accurately.


      Determining your asking price

      Having a fair asking price in place will help to streamline the process of selling your home by attracting more accurate offers and bids from more realistic potential buyers. Pricing too low can mean that you miss out on profitability, but pricing too high can mean that potential buyers are discouraged, lengthening the process of selling your home.

      A fair and accurate property valuation performed by local experts such as the team here at William Gleave will allow you to decide on a fair asking price based around the actual value of your property. A lot of people recommend that you get a variety of independent valuations from different valuers so that you can build a more comprehensive idea of your property’s value.

      This is generally considered best practice, but with our local expertise and experience, you can rest assured that when William Gleave values your property, you are getting an accurate valuation with the local property market in mind.


      Helping you to budget

      Once you have had your property valuation completed and have been able to estimate a fair asking price, you will be able to work out what you can and can’t afford for the rest of your house move. Being able to budget accurately early on will help to speed up the process of selling your home and moving house.

      Being able to budget accurately will allow to discern how much you have available to spend on removals conveyancing fees, stamp duty, legal fees and all the other extra costs that come with moving home.


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